Cactus hedge fencing 1000x600

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Artificial thorny hedge fencing is another innovative product ideal for protecting the fences and hedges installed in farms, groves, estates or private recreational properties. They offer a broad set of advantages

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- When put up along the boundary of a property, housing developments, detached houses, gardens and private homes, these artificial hedges will provide a prickly deterrent to unwanted visitors. They also offer protection to beehives and cattle against the attack of bears and other animals.
- This artificial fencing system acts as a barrier: by enclosing water points (ponds) in farms and estates, it can block and effectively stop the transmission of communicable diseases such as tuberculosis to cattle and wild livestock.
- This system offers efficient holistic management of the farms by fencing off pastures and grazing areas, controlling animal access to certain areas of the farm or setting up separations between properties and estates, be they cattle farms or wild livestock areas.
- Fencing cattle away from roads, industrial facilities, security fencing; protection of telephone posts, irrigation pivots…